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International oral care leader with hundreds of SmileShops. Network of hundreds of affiliated registered dentists, orthodontists, and Partner Network offices in North America and thousands of Team Members across the globe.
Since its founding in 2014, SmileDirectClub has helped more than 1.8 million people transform their smiles through their pioneering telehealth platform for orthodontia.
SmileDirectClub believes everyone should have access to a smile they love.

Project Background: Impressions Kit

The Impression Kit is a business-critical print item. No kit, no business.
It represented the single biggest print spend amongst 60+ printed pieces. In addition, raw materials costs were spiralling and could not be controlled within SmileDirectClub’s purchasing environment.
As a mail carrier device for impression moulds, the impression kit serves as a key first point of contact that a consumer has with the SmileDirectClub brand.
Kit production specification at the time of the review:

SmileDirectClub’s Challenge

How to reduce the kit cost without any detrimental impact on the brand or quality requirements for the kit.
The team set about to find a print management partner they could trust to:

Agile Print Media Appointed as Print Management Partner

Top 4 reasons why SmileDirectClub appointed Agile Print Media:


Agile revealed that cost savings could indeed be achieved whilst maintaining brand integrity and kit quality. The solution required a different approach to 3 aspects of the current kit production specification.

Agile Advantage

Top 5 benefits reported by SmileDirectClub:

1. 15% cost saving:

2. Unit price:

3. Improved production lead time by 1 week

4. Single point of contact:

5. Robust planning and quality assurance process: