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Agile Print Media

Print management is what we love to do…and we’re good at it. Agile Print Media was founded in 2020. Right smack bang in the middle of the COVID pandemic.
Our mission is simple. Yet bold.
Provide next-level print management services. Better than anyone.
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Provide next-level print management services. Better than anyone!

Leadership Team

John Gosbee

Johnny Agile is all about service.
My avatar (Johnny Agile) gets a few laughs but I’m serious about giving first-class service. All the way. I’ve worked with some of the best-known Australian and international brands. So I know what service excellence means to clients. And it extends beyond what you might imagine.
Our clients need unbiased advice, creative ideas, and process improvement recommendations. They need more resources and that’s why we’re a handy extra pair of hands. Budgets are tight. We know how to get more bang for your marketing and operations buck.
Want to know a little bit more about me?
Well, my career started with a fast-paced independent print and marketing company.  To say it was an amazing kick-start to my account and sales management career…is an understatement. It’s where I learned that service is at the heart of every customer connection. Something that sadly seems to be not so common today.
Experience and collected wisdom, defines the Johnny Agile of today. No learning institution can teach you what I know. Clients tell me how much we help make their business more print agile. I smile big, knowing that we deliver unique value and service to our clients.
John Gosbee
I’ve always been a believer in work-life balance. Which is tricky to achieve in today’s busy world. Here’s what I get up to.
I love swimming for fitness. Golf is my go-to sport. Playing the guitar satisfies my creative aspirations. Travel expands my mind. Listening to music serves two purposes. Soothes my soul. And when needed, amps up my motivation (indie pop and rock are my favourites).
Just as well I enjoy cooking. I’m the chef at home. Perhaps even more, I enjoy a great glass of wine to complement my culinary masterpiece.
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Freya Gosbee

As Service Director, my mantra is…deliver jaw-dropping service.
My passion for customer service began in hospitality. And has evolved further with the work I do at Agile. Working alongside mentor and co-founder Johnny Agile, I’ve learned the true meaning of next-level service. A big part of this is efficient communication combined with honesty, transparency, and always delivered with the highest degree of integrity.
If it’s not Johnny, you’ll be greeted by me. Tending to your enquiries with great care and attention.
I love creating and delivering amazing print projects. It’s satisfying to know that these communications pieces are seen by millions in Australia and around the world.
I get to do some really fun stuff. One of my favourites is discovering exclusive promotional products. I’ve seen the impact. It elevates our clients’ brands and amplifies their marketing effort.
Here’s what else I do. The leg work, to get you print quotes in quick time. I’m also responsible for account and administration management.
As Service Director, I will be at the centre of your print management world. And I love it. Work-life balance is important to me. Here’s what I get up to.
Regular visits to the gym…are a must. Discovering Sydney’s unique bars and restaurants. And listening to murder mystery podcasts!
Marketing Manager

Jennelle Larven

My first full-time jobs were as far away from marketing as you could possibly imagine.
And then, by some quirk of fate, I got a job as an executive assistant to the National Sales Manager at a medium-sized business. In double quick time, I had to learn about sales and selling. About 2 years into the job, I was given the opportunity to take on the newly created role of marketing co-ordinator. With no experience whatsoever.
It was a case of sink or swim. I took the plunge and immersed myself in the role. With an abundance of eagerness to learn and a great passion for the brand.
Importantly, I found the one thing that put the fire in my belly…marketing.
I supplemented on-the-job experience and training with tertiary studies in business and marketing. My zest for learning continues today and will never stop.
The result is accumulated wisdom in brand and marketing strategy, marketing communications, storytelling, copywriting and content writing. As well as category and product management. Internal communications and training.
Jennelle Larven
I have collaborated with amazing creative brains from industrial design, advertising, communications and PR. Not to mention entertainers, cooks and chefs. Consequently, I’ve experienced the world through a different lens…their creative eyes, hearts and minds.
As a result, I discovered that I have a strategic, creative brain. As well as a creative intuitive heart. Through them, I found the courage to dare to be different.
I’ve learned along the way that a sense of humour is super important. What’s more, perseverance and resilience are your best friends.
My mission is to shift the crippling paradigm of mediocrity and sameness. It is my belief that to stay the same is, well…an act of self-sabotage.
My message…communicate your story and messages with great flair and passion. Be enormously curious and cleverly creative. Challenge current paradigms. Dare to be different. Share your wisdom, unselfishly. Remember, it’s never too late to learn…to continuously improve.
And…be compassionate to others. Do random acts of kindness as often as you can.