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Here’s How Oztent Saved Money, Time and Stopped the Worry

Saved 23% on Print Collateral | 35% Time Saving | 100% On-time Delivery Performance

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Oztent Australia is an Australian-owned business. It commenced operations as a result of one man’s frustration that turned into a passion to have a tent that took less than a minute to set up.
The company is renowned for high-quality outdoor gear, specialising in tents.

Background: In-store Partner Promotions

Management of regular printed in-store retail partner promotions with firm deadlines was an internal operation.
Each promotion typically consisted of A3 Posters, A5 POS cards, Oztent branded POS acrylic grips, and window poster mounts. In addition, a A4 multi-page in-store instruction for POS set-up, details of the promotion and the promotional period.
Multiple suppliers were required to produce various individual pack items. Each supplier had to achieve a specific deadline as well as packing and distribution requirements.
Individual printed pieces needed to be collated as a promotional ‘kit’. The size of each kit was tailored to the individual retail partner’s unique promotion requirements. Kits were labelled for consignment and delivery.
Proof of delivery provided evidence that the collateral arrived in advance of the commencement date. Giving the retail partner adequate time to set up the POS material.

Oztent’s Challenge

Find a trusted print management partner who could streamline the print, collation and delivery process of in-store promotional collateral to retailers. To save time, money and stop the worry.
5-point selection criteria:

Agile Appointed Print Management Partner

Top 5 reasons why Oztent appointed Agile Print Media:

Agile Solution and Process

reasons why Oztent appointed Agile Print Media

Agile Advantage

Top 6 benefits reported by Oztent:

1. 23% Cost Saving:

2. Single point of contact made life easy, freed up time and stopped the worry:

3. Retailer Benefit:

4. Robust planning:

5. Quality assurance process:

6. Client Data Management: